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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Tree Blocks for a Cause

A few months ago the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild in New South Wales, Australia had reached out to the world of quilters through their website and social media groups, requesting tree blocks in their effort to make quilts for the affected families of the #bushfires in their communities.  You can read their original post here: Australia is Burning

I love the meaning/purpose behind the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild's request for tree blocks, and think it would be an excellent paragraph of symbolism to add to a quilt label:
"...The tree is a symbol of growth and nourishment. A tree symbolizes the generations of a family; a tree sprouts from a seed, the roots provide strength and stability, and whilst the new sapling is young and vulnerable they are protected by the other trees until they grow and flourish. In time the branches spread and then create new fruit that gives life to the next generation."

So in light of the above, I started collecting tree patterns.  I now have a pretty big stack of them.  But due to the limited time I had available for working on them, I was never able to finish and send more than 5 blocks. 😩  I did have a 6th block under the sewing needle, but couldn't get it done on time.  (Deadline to ship was February 29th). 

Due to the fact that I have accumulated so many tree patterns, I still hope and plan to make each one of them at some point in the near future.  And since there is a worthy cause and need for donated quilts and quilt tops here in the United States, I will make and donate a quilt/quilt top to my favorite charity, Quilts of Compassion.  They travel the states, hand delivering quilts to victims of natural disasters.  I've donated quilts and quilt tops to them in the past, but it's been a couple of years since I've had any to send their way.  This will be an excellent way to use those tree block patterns for another very good cause!

Well anyway...  below are photos of the 5 blocks I sent over to WMQG... hoping they will make whomever gets the quilt(s) they will end up being sewn into, happy.  That's all that matters to me!
Pattern credits are on each photo.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Jolly Whales Quilt

A couple of years ago I came across the cutest (and FREE) quilt pattern, Jolly Whales.
*Pattern designed by Janet Clare for Moda.

Jolly Whales quilt top before being quilted in January 2018

A closeup of Jolly Whales after quilting and washing 2/12/2020
I decided to make it just for the heck of it.  That was in 2018.  My long-arm quilter friend, Dorie, machine quilted it for me in 2018, as well.  When I got it back from her, I machine stitched the binding on, but then it got set aside before I got around to adding the final stitches onto the whales, which Dorie had left for me to do.  Sadly, Jolly Whales ended up on the UFO pile for almost two years!

Earlier this week while chatting with a coworker, it was mentioned that she's putting together a gift package for her neighbor, who's having a baby boy.  I asked my coworker if she'd give her neighbor the quilt for me if I finish it... so last night I pulled it off the UFO pile and finished it.  The photos aren't the greatest since I didn't have any natural light, but I had to give it to my coworker today, so there was no other time than late last night to take some pictures.

Here's how my Jolly Whales quilt turned out...

Back side of Jolly Whales: Ship Panel I had in my stash

Thursday, January 23, 2020

"Celtic Morning" - My Stonehenge Block Party 2019 Quilt

Last year I participated in the Northcott Stonehenge 10-year Anniversary International Block Party.  This is my brief story and my quilt...
I titled my Stonehenge Block Party 2019 quilt “Celtic Morning”.

It gave me great pleasure to work on this project, seeing the vision in my head become reality.   And with the help of my friend, Dorie Hamilton, who did the custom long-arm quilting on this for me, (which just blows me away)... my quilt is complete and was finished on time to submit a photo for the contest!
Note About the Northcott Stonehenge Block Party 2019 contest: The requirements were to purchase at minimum, 12 quilt block kits from participating quilt shops nationwide and in Canada, then create a quilt using said blocks. I purchased 13 block kits from quilt shops throughout the US... one of which from a shop right here in Wisconsin, and two of which were purchased from quilt shops in Canada. I used 12 of those blocks in my quilt top and am planning to use the 13th Block to make a matching decorative pillow.

The Celtic Cross in the center area of my quilt was designed by me since I couldn’t find a block kit pattern for one that was similar.  And I just had to have this style of Celtic Cross in my quilt.

The Stonehenge rock formation also in the center area of my quilt, was cut from a quilt panel that I purchased from the quilt shop here in Wisconsin. The image of my quilt label design lists all the shops my purchases came from, including the required color lots of fabric I purchased for filler, border, binding materials. My label is on its way from #spoonflower, and I’ll hand sew it on the back of the quilt once it arrives.

When I had the vision in my head how I wanted my quilt to look, I wasn't sure if I could pull it off or not. But it all came together in the end, and Dorie’s custom long-arm quilting details are the best final touch I could’ve ever asked for. I am extremely proud of this quilt... it would be an honor just to have it chosen as one of the top ten finalists.  But regardless of the outcome, this is one quilt challenge I'll never forget!

Computer design image of my quilt label,
featuring the Celtic ripped paper background, found online,
which was PERFECT for my quilt label


An improv-pieced cornerstone block that I added for character.  ;)
Pictured on a queen-sized bed.
Photo edited using #distressedfx and #picsart

Contest results will be announced sometime in early February, from what I understand.  Last I counted, there were 217 photos submitted, so the competition is tough.  And there are so many stunning quilts entered...I'm blown away by them all!

I do plan to make a couple of matching pillow shams and a decorative pillow in the near future, and will share those photos when I have the chance.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

"Deep Forest" Quilt

I'm so thrilled to be closing out the 2019 year with two quilt finishes!  (But I'm going to share them with you in two separate posts).  In this post, I'll share with you about "Deep Forest."  I finished this one right around Thanksgiving, but waited until after Christmas to share photos of it.

The kit for the quilt top was purchased online from Quilter's Clinic.  (There are other pattern layouts/quilt kits for the Deep Forest fabric line, but this is the exact one that the gift recipient had chosen).

It was 

The fresh, snowy-white football practice field, along with the gorgeou blue sky, made the perfect backdrop for bringing out the colors in this quilt!  The colors seem to just pop in these photos!

Quilt Label Printed on #spoonflower petal signature cotton fabric.

Preparing to sew the label on the back.

Closeup of the details/info on the quilt label.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Garden of Quilts 2019 Review

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to get a chance to see
some of this amazing event through Riley Blake's YouTube video!  For
those who don't already know, they accepted 4 of my quilts to be on
display at this event.  And about 19 seconds into the video, there's one
of my quilts being admired by a couple of people!  YAY!

I am hoping and praying I can be there in person for their 2020 Garden of Quilts show... it would be a dream come true for me.

Here's a screenshot...

Friday, August 30, 2019

Happy Friday... Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Friday to All! Have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday weekend, and remember the reason why we celebrate... (click below to read all about it)!

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Scrap-Happy Meets Wild & Crazy!

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to do something with all the scraps of leftover fabric I've got in my stash from previous sewing projects.  And right around the time this idea popped in my head, Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side was hosting an Improv with Amy sew-along/tutorial event on social media, so I decided to challenge myself and join in...  And here it is!

 This was the start of my #improvpieced quilt top, featuring many un-matching fabrics that kinda make it look like a Wild and Crazy quilt!  🤪 

Besides all the scrap fabric pieces I was using in this project, I also used a number of my own #spoonflowerfabric designs. For example, the purple petunia is one of my own personal fabric designs, along with a number of others. 😊
 Let the piecing begin...
 Below shows a closeup of a number of my Spoonflower designs
incorporated into the piecing along with the scraps.
 And the quilt top is completed...
 Just another closeup...
 Curved piecing below = great practice and I love how it turned out!

My Improv with Amy quilt is completely finished!
I designed my quilt label using Bazaart and PicMonkey,
then ordered it through Spoonflower.
The best part about this quilt?
Well, that would have to be that Amy Ellis quilted it for me! 🥰.
I love her Broken Glass Quilt Design on this quilt...
it works perfectly with the busy fabrics!
While geocaching at an old cemetery after work,
I decided to take some of these photos.
I just love the history and reading the headstones,
especially when they’re from the Civil War era.