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Made By Gina's Custom Creations
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

"A Person's A Person No Matter How Small!"

...a Dr Seuss crib quilt

A friend of mine is soon to be having a baby, and she asked how much it would cost to have me make her a Dr Seuss themed crib quilt.  There was no way I was going to make her pay me for a quilt for her baby-to-be!  I told her I'd make one as a gift for her and baby.

So I found a variety of fabrics to put into this quilt...  One fabric was from JoAnn Fabrics, a couple I purchased on eBay, a couple others I purchased at Herrschner's in Stevens Point, WI, and a couple were found right in my stash!

The photos show what I came up with for her baby's crib quilt,
which I named after one of Dr Seuss' quotes:

"A Person's A Person No Matter How Small!"  ~ Dr Seuss

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Dancing Stars"


Last fall I was contacted by McCall's Quilting with the exciting news that my name had been drawn as a winner in one of their online contests.  "YAY!"
What I won was a Moda Layer Cake... "Atelier" by 3 Sisters for Moda, to be exact.  

I was super thrilled and couldn't wait to get started making a quilt with it!  I decided right away that I would make myself a quilt, as I'd never made one for ME before.  The fact that I won the layer cake made me decide to treat myself to a quilt called
"Dancing Stars"

... a pattern I found in the book
by Pam & Nicky Lintott.


Progress went quickly, as I was very diligent at sticking to my guns on this one and not letting it end up on the UFO pile!
It took me one week to make the quilt top...

Then off to the long-armers it went, where it was on a waiting list to be quilted.
I just got it back 4 days ago, and finished it off with the binding, took a few pictures, laundered it, then took some more pictures!
Finished...before laundering...

a view of the back...

It is already getting a lot of use (by me!), and I couldn't be happier!
AND... it's Jasper kitty approved!  ;)

Here's a closeup photo of my quilt after I laundered it...
I just LOVE the look and feel of a quilt after it's been laundered!
Didn't the long-armer do a GORGEOUS job of quilting this?!?!
*Credit for the long-arming goes to Meandering Mary of New London, WI.

(Note: For first time washing of any quilt, I use and recommend Retayne to help prevent colors fading and bleeding, especially if the fabrics used in the quilt were not pre-washed).

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Two years ago my son asked me to make him a food themed quilt, featuring some of his favorite snacks and food.  I struggled with how to go about doing this since the only patterns I could find were canning jars.  I didn't feel that a quilt with canning jar blocks would be appropriate for a boy... Haha!
Then I found a pattern called "Lunchboxes" and just had to buy it! 

Today, January 27th, 2015, my son turned 15... We celebrated his birthday over this past weekend, and I gifted him the long awaited for food themed quilt.  I am so glad he still loves it and didn't feel too old for it!
Here are some pictures...
The next two photos are closeups right after it was long-armed, but before binding was added.

The next three photos are pictures of just the quilt top before it was long armed.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vacation Time: Block 1 update

like this block so much that I decided to make more than one.  So as I participate in Pat Sloan's 2015 Mystery QAL: Vacation Time, I will be making 4 quilts total instead of just one.
Here are my blocks for the first step... (There are 2 skull blocks, but I wasn't sure if I'd like dark or light color ways better until after making them... I like the light color way better).
Note: I am strictly using all stash fabric for these quilt projects and won't be buying any fabric for them... It's part of my goal to use up stash fabric that's been sitting around for way too long.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Pat Sloan Mystery QAL!

Last year I participated in Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Mystery QAL, and my quilt top is off at the long-armers waiting to be quilted.
Here's a couple pictures of my Globetrotting mystery quilt (quilt top only... Completed quilt photos will be published in a few months when it's completely done)...

Now I'm participating in Pat Sloan's 2015 mystery quilt project called "Vacation Time."  I plan to make 3 or 4 versions of this new mystery quilt... I've started with a skull theme to use up some skull fabric from my stash... Here's a picture of the first step...January's block:

I have some Harley Davidson fabric I plan to use for another version, and then I want to find some cute or pretty fabric from my stash to put into another version.  I love this block and how fantastic it works for fussy cutting focal fabrics!

My Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Progress

had to set this project aside for a few days due to the holidays and being so busy, but last night I had some time to work on it a little bit.
Here's pictures of my progress thus far (steps 4, 5 and 6)...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Step 3: Quiltville's Grand Illusion Mystery

Here's a peek at the start of my step 3... However, I realized after someone on Facebook pointed out, I put my black squares on the wrong side... They should be on the top right, not the top left.  Fortunately, it'll be an easy fix!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery - Step 2

Just made a couple of these, which are step 2 in the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, so I could at least make sure I knew how to make them.  Now I've gotta go back to finishing step 1 so I can work on step 2... but for now, it's bedtime!  Good night all!

Quiltville's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Project...

I decided to join another mystery quilt QAL...this time around I'm doing the Grand Illusion Mystery by Bonnie over at Quiltville.  I started out on the wrong foot though with the first step...I was making my HST the way I am used to making them, so they all ended up 1/4 inch smaller than they were supposed to be... Needless to say, I had to start them all over and make them the way Bonnie instructed to do so in the first place!  The first step calls for 280 HST's...I had 180 of them done in the wrong size!  SO I'm behind because of my big OOPS!  I will save all the smaller ones to use in a different quilt, so at least they won't go to waste.

Anyways... here's a photo of what Step 1 is supposed to look like when finished...

Now I just have to finish Step 1 so I can start Step 2 before Step 3 comes out on Friday!  :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival: Voting Has Opened!

VOTING HAS OPENED up on the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

The 2 quilts that I have entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival are awaiting your votes!   ... My "Candy Store" quilt is entered in the Scrappy Quilt category, and my "Night and Day...with a touch of red" quilt is entered in the Appliqué Quilt category. 

Please help me out and vote for my quilts if you like them!  Voting is open until November 7th. Winners announced November 8th.

FYI: you can vote for 3 quilts per category, and there are a number of categories!

Thank you in advance for any votes!

Friday, October 24, 2014

"Night & Day"...with a touch of red ~ & the 2014 Bloggers Quilt Festival

I'm linking this quilt up in the 2014 Blogger's Quilt Festival
and entering it in the Applique Quilts category.

This is (obviously) an appliqued lap quilt that I made a few months ago
and gave it as a gift to my swap partner in a Valentine's Day Swap.
All the designs in the black and white center part of the quilt are applique...
the hearts, vines, 5-petal flowers and rose cameos.

The pattern I used for making this can be found here: 

A huge thank you and shout out to Amy at Amy's Creative Side
for hosting the coordinating this fantastic festival!
And a thank you as well to all of the prize donors!

"Candy Store" - A Scrappy Quilt and Bloggers Quilt Festival

I'm so excited!  Today starts the 2014 Bloggers Quilt Festival...

...and I'm entering my recently finished "Candy Store" quilt in the Scrappy Quilt category.

 The picture below shows the back of the quilt.
It's hard to see in the picture,
but both the gold and the aqua fabrics are brick patterns.

I used all sorts of scraps and leftover fabrics from my stash to make this quilt.
I saw the pattern for this quilt in my Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, May/June 2012 magazine and knew I had to make it.  I LOVE this pattern!  Plus it was a fun quilt to make.
My son and I like this quilt so much that we are keeping it for ourselves.  (I say this because I never keep any of the quilts I make...I always sell, donate or give them as gifts).

I'd like to thank Amy Ellis over at for coordinating the Bloggers Quilt Festival!  And I'd like to thank the the prize donors for all the wonderful prizes each of us has a chance at winning!