Made By Gina's Custom Creations

Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Princeton, Wisconsin Spring 2011 Arts & Crafts Fair: My Very First Craft Fair/Booth!

Running on only 3 hours of sleep (because I had to bartend the night before), I drug myself out of bed to gather my things together and head on over to the craft fair to host my very first Gina's Custom Creations booth ever!  I shared a booth with my long time and very good friend Peter Thorson, of Treasured Wooden Creations, Plainfield, IL.  He made the long drive to my neck of the woods to share a booth with me and to help me out with my first craft fair booth, as he's been doing these things for years.  Peter and I met in high school and remained friends ever since.

Here's a few pictures of our booth...
 Unfortunately the weather turned ugly on us and it started to rain...we moved things in under the canopy and hung a tarp off the back behind my round horse quilt.  So the last three photos reflect that.
It eventually got so windy and cold out, we had to pack it up and leave.  But, that's the hazards of an outdoor craft fair!  LOL!
I did manage to sell 2 blankets before the weather got bad though!

My EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest Quilt Block:

Another quilting contest has fallen into my list of project-to-do's!
EAA AirVentureQuilt Block Contest

I couldn't resist entering this contest when I found out about it.  My dad is a pilot.  He also builds and sells Challenger aircraft, as well as teaches pilot lessons.  He's actively involved in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin EAA every year, and I decided to make a quilt block in honor of my dad.  My dad loves nautical scenes, and especially lighthouses, so I made my quilt block to reflect a vintage bi-plane flying along the seacoast at night, with a lighthouse brightly lit.

Here's my quilt block:
"Seaside Night Flight"
By Gina Klemp-Koston
Unfortunately, since I'm still learning to monogram with my sewing machine,
I ended up getting the monogramming really crooked on the back!
Good thing they don't judge by the back!

I created the lighthouse, landscape, sky background, moon and water from cutting and sewing together fabric pieces that I cut to the shape I wanted.  The bi-plane was actually cut from airplane fabric, then the airplane was appliqued onto the block...the lighthouse and moon are also appliqued on.  
I used silver thread to enhance the bigger stars in the sky, and I used a bright yellow thread to make the light beams from the lighthouse.
This was a fun and challenging project!  Now I just gotta keep my fingers crossed on the outcome!

Gina's "Mango Tango" Quilt...A Bernina Spring Quilting Challenge!

Recently I participated in the Bernina Spring 2011 Quilting Challenge on  The requirements were to make the Mango Tango quilt using whatever colors/fabrics I wanted to use.  So this is what I ended up with...

April Showers...Brought Some May Flowers...

I love flowers...all kinds of I thought I'd share some pictures of some of my flowers that have bloomed in the last week...
My Pink Hibiscus...

 Can't remember the name of the one below!!...

And below are some of my Dahlias...
(Taken w/cell phone cameras so the clarity isn't the best)

Friday, May 27, 2011

May Giveaway at We Love Quilting

I'm a bit late in the month now to be posting this, but I just happened upon it myself only a few moments ago and would like to share it with anyone who reads my blog...

We Love Quilting is having a giveaway during the month of May for a chance to win a box of fabric as well as a few other surprise items!

Head on over to We Love Quilting's May Giveaway for your chance at winning before it's too late!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Favorite Color Swap on Ravelry - Items Sent

One of my favorite things to do...join swaps!  Here's what I sent to my swap partner in the Favorite Color Swap on Ravlery...

Green is my favorite color...So I sent her the following items...
Green Crochet Cotton
Small Green Velvet Bag
Bamboo Crochet Hook
Pear Lip Balm
Olive Soap
Green Light-Up/Twirling Pen
Mint Favors
Green Photo Frame
Clover Yo-Yo Maker in a green color
Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Gum
Green Buttons & Stitch Markers
Green Tupperware Flexible Cutting Board & Paring Knife
Items I made:
Crocheted Carrot Bag filled w/Easter Candy
Chicken Egg Cup Pincushion
Victorian Bath Mitt & Finger Towel Set

Brown Bag Quilt Contest - Scrap Star Quilt

I was recently involved in the Brown Bag Quilt Contest, and had completed my quilt awhile ago, however I just hadn't had time to post pictures of it to my blog until now.  So, here are some pictures of it...

Answers to any Vincent Van Gogh Blanket / Quilt Requests....

I've been getting in a few requests for blankets & quilts in the Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night theme, since I've made one before...view here: Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night
Because of the requests, I've tried finding more Starry Night fabric in order to make more blankets, however I've had no success in getting my hands on anymore Starry Night fabric ANYWHERE!  The fabric for this blanket was special ordered online at the time a customer had requested the theme. 
I do have some fabric left from this blanket, and am planning to make a patchwork quilt from it, as well as a full sized fleece panel of the Starry Night scene for a fleece blanket.  I will get these made up in the next few weeks and post them up for sale when they are complete, as I've had a few people interested in a blanket like this.  I am sorry, but I won't be able to replicate this one exactly though.  Not enough materials are available for me to do so.
Keep checking back on my blog, as I will post the blankets when they are finished.  It'll be a few weeks though, as I'm working on a couple of contest entry pieces that I have to get finished first.
Thank you for your interest!

Also...if anyone knows where I can purchase some Starry Night fabric, please let me know!  Thank you!