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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Tribute Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway!

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American Tribute Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway

American Tribute
Gifted by Windham Fabrics
Reviewed by Jessica Nichols, Editor of

The American Tribute fabric collection from Windham Fabrics features 30 fabrics that you'll love to use in your patriotic quilts. Whether you're making a quilt to honor a service member for Memorial Day or a decoration for the 4th ofJuly, you'll find the fabrics you need in this collection. From small prints featuring stars and stripes to large prints with national symbols like eagles, American flags, and U.S. badges, this collection has every fabric you could want for a patriotic project.
As you might expect, the American Tribute Collection comes only in shades of red, white, and blue, with each of these colors serving as background to a wide variety of prints, many of which fall into distinct families. The collection offers almost more star prints than you can count. A simple gold star pattern comes in both navy and bright red, while a playful pattern of white star outlines overlapping each other in small clusters comes in navy, red, and a crisp, bright blue as well. Another star print family features monochromatic red and white prints in which stars of varying shades overlap each other and a navy print with red, white, and blue stars in the same pattern. Yet another print family features a lattice design interspersed with tiny stars. Gold on navy and red on antique white are the perfect color combinations for this subtle print. It contrasts sharply with the larger, brighter white-and-red and navy-and-white prints that also feature a lattice of stars. In matching navy and antique white prints, white and red stars are accented with chevrons reminiscent of military badges. More classic prints include a pattern of lines of stars separated by colored stripes and a pattern of large stars in two colors printed in simple rows of alternating colored stars. A lone star print, which seems to have no family, features subtle tan star outlines in varying sizes against an antique white background.

Aside from the numerous star prints, the American Tribute collection also offers several prints featuring U.S. badges or eagles interspersed with words like "honor," "glory," and "strength." The collection also features a pattern of flying eagles and American flags against a bright red background. A classic motif of two crossed American flags also appears scattered across navy and white backgrounds in two of the fabrics. Two of the more modern prints, in red and white, consist of patriotic words like "valor," "freedom," and "peace" printed in different fonts and separated by stars. The most unique designs in the collection are one fabric striped with white, red, and navy and shaded to show texture and another printed with red and blue stars, American flags, maps of the United States, and duo-tone prints of national monuments.

A patriotic quilter can't go wrong with the fabrics in the American Tribute collection. The variety of prints and styles in this collection ensure you'll be using these fabrics in all of your patriotic projects. Moreover, a portion of the sales of American Tribute fabrics are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project in order to further honor U.S. service members.

This give away is for one fat quarter bundle of American Tribute (30 fat quarters) to one lucky winner. 

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