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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Friday, July 29, 2011

EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest

This is the first year I joined the EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest, submitting a the very first quilt block I've ever made in my life!  I thought it would be a fun challenge, and I'm so glad I decided to do it.  Although I didn't place, my quilt block is still hanging on the EAA AirVenture Museum wall with 19 other quilt blocks.  Makes me proud to know my work is hanging up among other gorgeous aviation themed quilt blocks!  Here are a few pictures from when I was at the museum a few days ago...

 Above: Me standing below my quilt block...I'm a bit short to get up any closer to it.  LOL!

You can also view the wall of quilt blocks as well as the winners and honorable mention quilt blocks by going here... EAA AirVenture Quilt Block Contest

EAA AirVenture 2011 - Oshkosh, WI - USA

This week in Oshkosh, WI is the annual EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) AirVenture and Air Show.  (This year is their 100th anniversary, too). 
My dad, Greg Klemp, Sr., owner of Sheer Technologies,  is a pilot as well as a dealer for Challenger aircraft.  He has a booth at the EAA every year.  My parents have a small landing strip in their back yard as well as dad's hangar, which he rents out to other pilots for their Challenger aircraft.
The annual EAA is a big deal to my dad and to many of his colleagues.
Below is a photo of my dad speaking with some visitors at the Challenger booth...   
The following are a few more photos from the EAA, which I attended on their opening day, Monday, July 25, 2011...

USA Navy Helicopter (above & below)
 The Jelly Belly Camper & Airplane (below)
 The plane that broke the world's altitude record (below)
 USA Army Drone (above) and a USA Army Medic Helicopter (below)
 USA Dept of Interior (below)

  USA Marines (below)
 Farmer's Air Ship (blimp) - 1 of only 2 of the largest in the world - (below) 

 The Wing-Walking Bi-Plane (above & below)
 Me, standing in front of a seriously cool sea plane! (below) 

Below are some videos from a few performances in the airshow at the EAA...

I've got a few more videos of the airshow, but unfortunately it takes a long time to upload them, so I may have to add them another time, as it's going on 4:30am and I have yet to go to bed for the night!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Angel's "Traveling E-Reader Hipster"

This was a request from a friend for his wife's birthday. I was asked to put an angel on the front, so I found a clip art image of an angel holding a book...PERFECT! I printed the image onto ink jet printable fabric, then appliqued it to the front of the hipster.

*"Traveling E-Reader Hipster" - *Pattern purchased from and created by BirdifulStitches 
The above photo was sent to me by the recipient's husband...
It shows her e-reader with the hipster.
This is the first time I've ever made anything even remotely like's not perfect, but with practice I'll get it down pat!  I have a very difficult time reading patterns, so I struggled with making this one, then I finally gave up on instructions and ended up finishing it by just looking carefully at the pictures that BirdifulStitches provided in the pattern.  The only thing I had to seriously change was to not make the shoulder strap adjustable.  For the life of me I could not figure out how to do it.  Maybe someday I'll be better at making things such as this e-reader hipster!  ;o)