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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Having Fun With Spoonflower!

Have you ever heard of Spoonflower?  It's a company that allows you to create and design your own fabrics, wallpapers, decals and gift wrap!  I recently began playing around with photos I've taken... one example is a photo I took last year of a bucket of sour cherries... did some editing... and created a few unique kaleidoscope designs for fabric!  I've taken photos of a wine bottle for example, and removed the background images, then edited the photo using to create a cool wine bottle image on a blue brick wall design for making fabric!

Here are some of my fabric designs on Kona Cotton...
 I realize it's hard to see the designs in the above pictures, but you can see them better if you go to my Spoonflower shop and see them there.
Not all the designs I'm showing here will be in my Spoonflower shop, because some of them will never be for sale.  But I just wanted to share with you the cool stuff you can do on fabric!
I have many other designs on Spoonflower that aren't for sale, simply for the fact that I haven't yet ordered a sampler of them.  Before Spoonflower will allow me (or anyone wanting to do this) to make my fabric designs for sale to the general public, I have to make the first purchase to see it in person...they require that I either order a swatch, a fat quarter, or BTY before it can be for sale to the public.

Below is an old auction poster I had printed onto a yard of Kona Cotton.
The poster was from when my boyfriend's parents sold their farm back in 1969.
I plan to make a memory quilt from this, along with some old photos.
This will be a fantastic way to preserve a piece of his family's history!

After getting written permission from the poster company to replicate one of their posters onto a quilt,
I had a Lake Mills Town & Country Days poster printed onto a yard of Kona Cotton as well.
With all the colors in the poster, it's going to be a fun quilt to make!

So...this is just a taste of what you and your imagination, with Spoonflower's help, can accomplish!
Now get out there and start creating some of your own fabric!  :)

A Little Catching Up....

I haven't had much time to Blog the past couple of months, so I'm falling behind on my posts.  Here's just a quick recap of some projects I've been working on and have worked on that I didn't get a chance to Blog about.

 Above: "Modern Christmas Trees" - Still needs a border yet before it can be quilted.
Below: Shadow Box Airplanes - Still needs a border, too, before it can be quilted.

 Completed Christmas Quilt
(Left and below)
This was a Star Point Quilt Guild group effort...
members of the guild made the "pinwheel" blocks,
I won the blocks at our 2012 Christmas party,
and I made this quilt using those blocks as the basis of the quilt.
Quilt binding was hand sewn on by Rona, our Guild President.
Quilt was completed in early 2014

Below: "Candy Store"A fantastic stash buster quilt to make!
This is just the quilt top. It's been sent over to Meandering Mary for long-arm quilting.
Pattern is from Fons & Porter's Love of Quiltingmagazine, May/June 2012 Issue.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Minnie's Garden - Quilt & Pillow Set

Another quilt and pillow set has been completed! Hopefully it will make the birthday girl (whose turning 7 this month) very happy!
Here it is...

The pattern I used for making this quilt is called Holiday Sparkle
and can be found for free download at