Made By Gina's Custom Creations

Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Traveling Baby Blankets (With Attached Toys)

This is another project I've been working on after seeing something similiar in a Ben Franklin Crafts store.
When shopping at a Ben Franklin Crafts store, I noticed these cute handkerchief sized "blankies" with attached toys.  The blanket alone was $30, and the toys were each priced individually too!
I thought it way too expensive for something so small.
I decided to make some very similiar, only mine are bigger...and they come with the toys attached.
I call them Traveling Baby Blankets because they are perfect for taking in a stroller or car seat.
Here's one of my finished Traveling Baby Blankets...

I use a soft fleece fabric on both sides, and a satin-type blanket trim around the edges.  I use fabric ribbon sewn onto the sides where I can attach the toys.  The toys are removable.

The following Traveling Baby Blanket was one that I made withouth the satin blanket trim.
I like the looks of the blanket better with the trim than I do without, but the one below was my first attempt at making these blankets, and it became a baby shower gift for my cousin.

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