Made By Gina's Custom Creations

Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Movie & Popcorn Night


I am just ecstatic!
This auctioned off for $105...and 100% of the profit goes directly to my son's classroom!
How cool is that!?!

This blanket came about with a brainstorm to put together a Family Movie & Popcorn Night themed gift package to donate to my son's church school for their annual Winterfest.  They have a silent auction every year, and I always give my son something to donate to the silent auction so he can have what's called a "free dress day."  At his school they have a dress code.  A free dress day means they can wear whatever they want to school...within reason...rather than the assigned dress code uniforms.
This year I made a popcorn side a soft fleece picturing all kinds of popcorn on it.  The other side has yellow, blue and red cotton fabric...each color has a circular-type of design on it which almost looks like "popping" and I cut these fabrics into squares and sewed them together.  I got some white "ball" trim for the edges of the blanket to give it a fun look.  The blanket turned out so cool!
I bought some fun popcorn themed items...napkins, popcorn bowl, coasters, air popcorn popper, family adventures DVD w/4 family oriented movies on it, jug of popcorn, box of microwave kettle corn, seasoned popcorn sale, pkg of popcorn holders (like the square ones pictured on the blanket), lidded popcorn jar w/matching popcorn scoop and a ceramic butter pourer.  I found a big red "apple bobbing" type of "bucket" which I thought perfect for putting all the above item in.  I don't have a picture of it all wrapped up in the clear celophane and red ribbon, but it did turn out reallly nice in the end.  The school Winterfest is this Saturday night...February 20th.  I hope this gift package does well at the auction!

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