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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

ROUND Queen, Horse-Themed, Fleece Quilt FOR SALE

This is a project from the year 2010... I was asked to make a soft, fluffy, horse-themed quilt for a queen-sized ROUND bed, so this is what I made.  The buyers backed out on me, so I've been stuck with it and have been storing it ever since (in a clean, dry plastic tub).  It cost me a total of around $250 in materials alone to make this.  It's made entirely of fleece fabrics, and has a satin gold trim around the edges.  It is double layered fleece, NO quilt batting between the layers.
Even though it's made for a round queen bed, it also fits well on a regular shaped double/full size bed, and would work on a regular shaped queen size bed.  (I have taken a picture of it on a queen bed to give the idea).
I would like to get at least $250 for it, just to try and get back the materials cost I paid out-of-pocket for, but I'm willing to consider ALL offers, because it isn't doing any good just stored away for nobody to enjoy.
It would make a unique holiday or Christmas gift for the right person!  Please contact me with any offers!  I can ship, and would be able to get a shipping quote for anyone interested.
Thanks for looking at and sharing this post!

You can see my Craigslist post here as well:

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