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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day is always special, but this year was more special than ever... it was the first time my son was ever able to give me something for Mother's Day without having to get help from someone else.
A week earlier my son & I were shopping at a local JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store. I was looking at birthday cards and hadn't realized that my son was looking at Mother's Day cards. When we got to the checkout counter, he told me not to look, so I closed my eyes...he had picked out a card for me and had the cashier scan it with my items as my eyes were closed, and she put it in a separate bag for him to carry. I hadn't even realized he had picked out a card for me until that moment, so being the mom I am, I pretended like I didn't know what he was doing and what was going on. And even though I had to pay for my own Mother's Day card, it was a most memorable and special moment for me...the first time he had picked out a Mother's Day card for me without any help from someone else! Here's an image of the card & envelope (inside & out, since he drew some wonderful pictures on it for me). It's a card I will treasure forever, and will never throw away!
But the card wasn't the only gift I received from my son! He also made me an awesome bookmark in school and decorated a planter pot with flowers in it. He kept it all hidden in his bedroom until Mother's Day came. :o) I love my boy so very much!
Here's a picture of the front & back of the bookmark that he made for me...
Picture coming soon of the planter pot & flower.

I had another surprise on Mother's Day this year... my fiancee's son, Dalton, had a gift for me as well. He made me a really neat clothespin "Superman" character in school, as well as a tissue paper flower! I usually just get a verbal "Happy Mother's Day" from my fiancee's boys, but Dalton must think of me as more than just his dad's fiancee, because he thought about me when he was making these Mother's Day gifts in school. My eyes got all watery when the boys gave me all these great Mother's Day gifts. I know I'm loved, and I love them back ten-fold!

Here are two different angles of the gifts Dalton made for me...

We had to take my fiancee's boys back to their mom's by 10am on Mother's Day so they could spend the day with her, so after dropping them off at their mom's house we decided to go to Watertown, WI to stop at Wal-Mart SuperCenter so I could pick up some much needed yarn for something I'm making for the Kitchen Swap 2009 to put in my swap partner's gift basket. After Wal-Mart, we decided to go for a late breakfast somewhere and ended up at Frank's Corner Cafe. Talk about a wonderful breakfast! We also had beautiful weather, so all in all, I had a most enjoyable Mother's Day this year, thanks to my wonderful family!

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