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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ravelry's Flat Rate Box Swap

I recently joined a few swaps on, and am excited to say that today after work I came home to find a package waiting for me on the front porch. It was a swap package from the Flat Rate Box Swap on Raverly. The theme for this particular swap is "Local Theme" meaning, we are to send items from our local area (town / state). My swap partner lives in the state of Maryland, so she sent me some things related to her area. WOW, I must say I sure did get a nice package of things! Even my kitties got treated by my swap partner!

Jasper & Casper with their new toys!

Here's all the neat stuff I got in my box from my swap partner...
  • "Crochet Boquet" Book from Joann Fabrics - This is a book on crocheted flower motifs.
    (And you'll never believe that just this morning I was online trying to find a pattern for a flower motif, then I find this awesome book in the mail from my swap partner today)!
  • Skein of Vanna White white yarn
  • Skein of red yarn made locally in my swap partner's community
  • Old Bay Seasoning (YUMMY! Can't wait to try this!)
  • Souvenier sand keychain
  • Souvenier toothpick container (shaped like a small coffee mug)
  • Stationery note pad designed by a local person
  • ANNA magazine - never heard of this magazine's filled with needlework patterns!
  • Hallmark Wedding photo/scrap book
  • Gummy Worms for my fiancee's boys
  • Webkins Oriole for my son - Orioles are Maryland's state bird
  • Postcards with pictures of Maryland and places in the area
  • Postcard with a crab cake recipe on it
  • Kitty Christmas wrapping paper
  • Kitty stickers
  • Stuffed toy crab
  • Crochet hook comfort grips
  • Maryland collector spoon
  • Magazines on Maryland and the local areas
  • Blue Angels magnet
  • Hand crocheted angora hair tie, made locally in Maryland
  • Lavender soap from Ireland
If I've overlooked something on this list, I'm sorry! There's just so much, and I am so grateful to "cardidog" (my swap partner). This was her first swap, and she did awesome! I appreciate and love everything!

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