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Made By Gina's Custom Creations

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Time Musky Fishing!

Sunrise over Kentuck Lake as we were just getting on the water
August 17, 2012 at 5:45am

This has nothing to do with sewing or quilting, but I enjoyed it so much I just have to share.

I love does my boyfriend...he has way more experience than I do, and he has a fishing he's gone Musky fishing before, but I never had, until this past weekend.  A few months ago Brian asked me to be his fishing partner in the 2012 National Championship Musky Open, in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and I agreed.  So last Thursday we headed north for the weekend.  Fortunately, my parents have a lake cottage up in that area, so we were able to stay there instead of a motel or campsite.  

Friday morning we were up by 4:15am, packed a cooler for drinks and lunch, then headed out.  We got out on Kentuck Lake, then spent 11 hours fishing on our first day.  Unfortunately we didn't get anything, but Brian did have 2 follows...sure wish they'd have taken the bait!
Have you ever seen a Musky plug before?  They are huge!  And tough to cast...but by the 3rd day I was casting pretty good!  LOL!

Here's an example photo from the internet:

There were a total of 1,111 participants in this tournament, and only 198 Muskies caught & released.
(All muskies are returned to the water after being registered, and they do not count towards final points if they die, so they must be kept alive).

Our 2nd day on the water we fished for 9 hours, and Brian had 1 follow.  The last day of the tournament nobody could fish past 11am, so we only spent 4 hours on the water.  Neither of us got a Musky, but we sure did have fun trying.  We also got to see a lot of beautiful scenery and wildlife.  There were Bald Eagles nesting along the shorelines and we enjoyed watching the young eagles trying to catch fish.  We saw a couple different types of loons and some red-headed ducks.  Lots of cranes, seagulls and some herons.  It was amazing!

Here are some photos of our Musky fishing adventure...

 Don't ya just love the bug-eye fishing glasses I borrowed from Brian?  LOL!

My lovely boyfriend doing the
"I'm sexy & I know it"
look with the bug-eye fishing glasses!  LMAO!

 Red-Headed Ducks

 Brian on the boat

As I was operating the foot pedal for the trolling motor, I noticed a frog
hiding in between the top and the bottom of the pedal!

 A pretty butterfly went for a ride on the boat with us

Early Morning Fog over Kentuck Lake

 Early Morning Fog over Kentuck Lake

 Early Morning Fog over Kentuck Lake

Early Morning Fog over Kentuck Lake

Early Morning Fog over Kentuck Lake

 Brian Fishing

A Loon on Kentuck Lake 


After the Tournament is all done...

We walk down to Korth Lake, behind my parents' cottage
and my mom takes some pictures of us in our Tournament
hats and shirts...

Brian jumped on the wood dock and I freaked thinking we
were gonna fall then I was laughing at him...

My hair blowing over my chin makes me look like I've got a beard!

Here are some videos I took with my camera, too...


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