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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Star Point Quilt Guild: My Projects To Date

Recently, I joined the Star Point Quilt Guild in Stevens Point, WI...recently being November 2012.  They meet the 3rd Thursday of each month, so I attended the November meeting and joined the guild right away.
In December there wasn't a meeting due to Christmas and New Year's, so instead we had a Christmas/Holiday party at the President of the Guild's home.  There were lots of good things to eat and drink, and a gorgeous Christmas tree where we had our picture taken by.  Not all members could make it to the Christmas party, but quite a few did show up!
At the November meeting everyone was given the opportunity to take home some fabric already cut to size for making Christmas blocks...I took enough to make two blocks.  The picture below shows the two blocks I made...

At the Christmas party, everyone who made these blocks had their name entered into a drawing, as many times as how many blocks we made... i.e.: I made two blocks, so my name went into the drawing twice.  There were enough blocks for two names to be drawn...I was one of the two people whose names were drawn, so I got to take home with me 13 blocks that looked just like the two above.
Here is what I did with those blocks...

I was given a little bit of the fabric used in making the blocks, but it wasn't enough to make an entire quilt, so I pulled some holiday fabrics out of my stash to add to it and I think it came out pretty good!
The pattern I used for making this quilt is titled:
Cindy Lou Who,
and it can be found in the book:
Another Bite of Schnibbles: 24 Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares
by Carrie Nelson.

Below is a photo of those of us who made it to the Christmas party.

And this photo is just a snapshot of the name tag I made for myself, which everyone has to make one for themselves and wear it to the meetings or pay a quarter to the jar each time we attend a meeting without our name tags...
 The ribbons on the bottom represent show & tell items.

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