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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aqua and Avocado Vintage Swap - Package Received!

I was recently involved in a swap where things sent to our swap partners had to include vintage items, as well as items in aqua and avocado colors.  The amazing thing is this...  Last year I was involved in a Secret Angel Swap where we all sent to a different person than we received from, and our identity remained a secret until our swap partner would receive his or her package in the mail.  Well, last year the person I was assigned to send to was Wendy over at Stitchduchess' Crazy & Sane Quilting World 
The coincidence in all of this is that Wendy and I were paired up, all by chance, in this Aqua and Avocado Vintage Swap!  We had already learned quite a bit about each other because of the swap last year, and we had also stayed in touch here and there, as well as following each others' blogs.  So this was amazingly fun to swap w/Wendy! get to the really exciting part, here's what Wendy sent to me:

 The above picture is an AMAZING hand knitted shawl Wendy made for me...
It was her first knitting project, and it turned out gorgeous!
I am wearing it over my shoulders to keep myself warm & cozy as I type this post!
The below picture shows a vintage avocado colored glass bowl (exactly like one I used to have that was my Great Grandmother's, but either broke or got lost in a move a few years ago); a Ball Jar pin cushion that Wendy made using some of the fabric I had sent to her in her swap package; some very pretty stationery cards in a green see-through bag; a book called Creating Crochet Fabric by
Dora Ohrenstein (this book has some amazing patterns in it that I am excited to try making); and last but certainly not least...TWO vintage figural tape measures!!!  One is a gnome (pull out the nose for the tape measure) and the other is a dog (pull out the tail for the tape measure).  Wendy knows I collect vintage tape measures...these two are an awesome addition to my collection!
Wendy...thank you so very much for making this swap so fabulous!  You're an amazing woman...someone I'm grateful to have "met" and gotten to know...even if it has only been through cyber space!

~To see Wendy's post on her blog in regards to what she sent me, just go here:

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To see Wendy's post about what I sent to her in this swap, just go here:

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Also, here's some pictures I took of what I sent Wendy before I shipped it all off to her...

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Freya said...

Very fun! I love to see the swap photos posted on blogs! I love the peacock pin you found for your partner too.